The next couple of weeks we are going to be creating our own short films.

To write a script we need to think about a story. There has to be a problem (conflict)
that the main character/characters have to solve. Choose a topic or situation that you are interested in. Make it interesting for the audience.

What characters do you need to include? What two main kinds of characters do you
find in stories? (Protagonists and Antagonists -“Good Guys” and “Bad Guys”) .

Do you need any other characters? Where is your story set? What is the very first
thing that happens in the story?

How will the protagonist solve the problem? (Or will our story have an unhappy

Acting Challenge

Fill in the attached sheet and write the opening of a script. Include a monologue in
the script so that you can film yourself doing. Upload to the Facebook group.


Mindset Challenge:

Step 1 – Define the single most destructive limiting belief (excuse, resentment, fear or self-criticism) you have.

Step 2 – On a sheet of paper, write down the limiting belief.  For example, “I am bad at improvisation.”

Step 3 – Write down the new positive mindset you would like to have.  For example, “I am good at improvisation and getting better every week.”

Step 4 – Identify the circumstances that typically bring the negative thinking to the forefront.  For example, “In lessons, when I’m put on the spot.”

Step 5 – When the negative thought or emotion arises:

 Imagine your left temple is the ‘OFF’ button for the old version of you. Gently press the button to turn off the negative thought.

 Imagine your right temple is the ‘ON’ button for the new and improved version you. Gently press that button and start saying the new positive mindset in your mind (I am good at improvisation and getting better every day).

Step 6 – Each day, go back to your sheet of paper and journal your activity for the day.

Step 7 – Execute this process for 8 weeks (or until the new thinking doesn’t feel like such a conscious effort).  Your mindset training is complete!