This week we are looking at Immersive theatre.

Immersive theatre tends to stimulate all five senses—sight and sound, as with
conventional theatre pieces, but also touch, and frequently taste and even smell.
“In immersive theatre, the audience are not merely passive bystanders. They are
part of the story, however small their role may be, and they are in the middle of the action. In an immersive theatre production, the audience in some way plays a role, whether that is the role of witness or the role of an actual character.”
A couple of production companies that specialise in Immersive theatre are Punchdrunk, Shunt and Secret Cinema.

There are lots of different types of immersive theatre such as:

-Faulty Towers Dining Experience
-Murder Mystery evenings
-Site specific
-Hallowscreem type events

Think about whether you have you experienced any of these? How did it make you

Acting Challenge

Choose an object that is close to you. You now have 10 minutes to use this object to help you build a character. Decide; who owns this object? Where has it come from? What sentiment or relevance does it have to them?

Film yourself in character, tell us who you are, a little bit about yourself and what your chosen object means to you. Upload this to the Facebook page. Consider how this character could be used in an Immersive style performance. Where could you set the piece? The location, plot, how you would involve the audience. Write a short ‘proposal’ on how you would create this and upload it to the Facebook page.


Mindset challenge

Over the next week discover something new each day. Whether that’s visiting a
place you’ve never been to before or a shop you’ve never been in or tasting a food
or drink you’ve never tried before. Make a note of all of these and how it made you
feel, then upload to the Facebook group.