The next couple of weeks we will be looking at classical monologues. It’s really important to have contrasting monologues to show how versatile you are and for different roles that come up. It’s important to have a wide selection of monologues so that if Casting Directors want to see you perform a certain way you have different options to show them.

Acting Challenge

Have a look at some classic monologues and choose your own, research them in fine detail. Who are they? What is going on? Where are they? For those of you that already have a classical monologue I would like you to find a new one. Film yourself doing the monologue and upload to the Facebook page.


Complete the 14 steps to building a character and ask prepare your monologue fully for next week as you will be filmed again but off book.  Continue researching the play and your character this week. Also, consider something significant that has happened in your characters life which you will be able to work more deeply on next week.

Northern Star Acting 14 Day Challenge

1. Find a role and read the screenplay
2. Turn detective and write down all the facts given to you in the screenplay.
3. Let your imagination run wild and write a bio from birth for your character.
4. What is your relationship with the other characters/objects/location?
5. Place yourself in the scene through visualisation.
6. What has happened immediately before the scene?
7. What is driving you?
8. How is your character feeling? What are they thinking? Have you ever been in a similar situation?
9. Highlight your trigger points.
10. Sub text your script.
11. Now, make it interesting to watch by experimenting.
12. Do a Video Diary as your character.
13. Improvise as your character.
14. You are ready to perform!


Business challenge

What are your plans to sustain a career in acting? How are you going to bring in a living wage? If you are staying in your current job, will your employer let you have time off if needed for auditions etc?