This week we are doing a Halloween special on improvisation!

Acting Challenge

Have you ever been to a murder mystery event before? If yes then think about how they run, the layout and what is included. If you haven’t research companies that run them and get an idea of what goes on. I would like you to create a character at a Murder Mystery event. They will be a suspect and they are pleading their innocence. You will have to think about where this event is taking place, your relationship to the deceased, where you were at the time the crime took place and whether or not you are the killer. You will record a monologue stating who you are, where you are and what has happened and then you will try and convince us that you are innocent (whether true or false). Upload it to the Facebook page and then it is then up to everyone else to decide whether you were lying or telling the truth!


Business challenge

How confident are you as a person? How does this affect you in everyday life? How does it help/hinder your progression into the acting industry? What exercises and mindset work can you do to have more confidence?