Today we are looking at the genre ‘Drama’ for TV. What Drama’s have you been watching recently? Dr Foster, Liar, The lock? What do you like about them? Why do dramas work?

What is a  TV Drama

  • Television drama has specific technical techniques that are used in storytelling.
  • Audience expectations of a TV drama are to be entertained, be informed, and to have affairs dramatized.
  • A drama can vary in length of the episodes from half an hour to two hour episodes.
  • TV drama can be placed into different categories or genres. For example, the hospital drama, the TV crime series…
  • Storylines/narratives are fictional and have a vast range of themes and motifs, from crime to soap opera.
  • Episodes may be self-contained or storylines may be continues over several episodes.
  • The drama is framed within a key location/setting, which can be linked to a historical period or contemporary setting.
  • Television drama is dialogue led. This is supported by use of narrative and the characters actions; also by the dominance of the use of particular camera techniques-the close up shot.

Acting challenge:

Choose a monologue from a drama and consider these points:

  • What does my character want? What’s their goal?
  • Where am I coming from before the scene started? Where am I going after the scene?
  • How does my character move? What’s their posture/physicality?

Go through the script only saying the vowels out loud, what emotion does this stir?

  • What does this say about the character? Then again but just saying the consonants, what do you discover about your character from doing this? Film your monologue and upload it to the Facebook page.

Mindset Challenge:

How do you keep your mind creative on a daily basis? It can be anything from, writing a script to drawing a picture.