Mock audition

This week, you will be taking part in a mock casting for a film production company looking for a pool of actors to use in future productions. This is slightly different to what we have done in previous weeks because the casting isn’t for one specific role.

As this is a mock casting, there will be no guidance beforehand but we will be giving you feedback afterwards on how you can improve.

Here are your challenges:

1. Submit a self tape to the tribe group of you performing two takes chosen from the attached script OR attend a virtual class for your mock audition.

2. Film yourself performing an improvisation around the following scenario OR attend a virtual class.

You are at a birthday party and a card is delivered through the letterbox. Whoever’s birthday it is goes to open the envelope and in it the message says…


3. Business Cards

We would recommend you order some business cards to promote yourself as an actor. Here are some tips:

Keep it simple
Include your headshot
Include your name (or stage name)
Include your contact number and e-mail
Include your website
Include Equity if you are a member
All of your marketing materials should be consistent with your branding and use the same colours and fonts.

Your task today is to design your business cards- if you are not ready to order them yet, then set a clear goal of when you will. If you prefer to have them designed by a professional, contact Cameron Prudames in the tribe group for details.

There are many good companies online to order business cards from. Here are some sites for you to look at: