The Actor’s Bio

An actor’s bio is simply a summary of your career.  You are certain to be asked for one at some point, maybe for an agent’s website, a program or a press release and it’s advisable to have one ready to send at a moment’s notice- it’s guaranteed that you’ll never be asked until that day when you’re in the middle of filming with a 4am finish time and you absolutely need to send it off by 10am the next day and you’ll end up rushing it.  Therefore, it’s better to be prepared and have one written up in advance.

Take your time- everything that is out there about you as an actor is very important.  It might take an hour or two to write a bio.  Make sure you have that time and that you can focus without any distractions.

A bio should be factual, short and straight to the point with no fluffy talk about how you’ve dreamed of being an actor since that day at primary school where you played Mary/Joseph in the school nativity. It should always be written in 3rd person and in sentence form (as opposed to a list), with the most important information at the top.  It’s fine to name drop, it’s useful for people to know who you’ve worked with.


  • Paragraph 1 – Include your strongest credits and any awards
  • Paragraph 2 – Include your relevant training
  • Paragraph 3 – Include your most recent work and any other good credits that are not mentioned in
  • Paragraph 4 – Include your skills and some details of your personal life including hobbies and achievements.


Review your bio and amend to follow these guidelines, or write one if you don’t already have one and post in the group for feedback.

This week’s challenge.

Make a scrapbook, or set u a file on your PC, for all of your positive reviews, feedback and comments to go. Keep adding to it as they come and look back on it every time you need to be reminded of just how awesome you really are!