Social Media for Actors

Social Media for Actors

It will benefit all actors to have a strong online presence. The purpose is not to directly book work through social media (though it does sometimes happen for indie projects), but to build your brand and get yourself noticed.

Casting directors are way more likely to call in people they know for auditions- so be someone they know. If you haven’t met them in real life, you can connect with them on social media (in a non stalkey way) and start to build a professional relationship.

Another point to make is that, although most people don’t agree with this, the number of followers people have do sometimes get taken into consideration when casting. This is because it’s a business like any other and they want to bring people in who are going to make them money.

Here’s the thing about actors and social media… Very few do it right.

Here are some guidelines on how you can be on top of the social media game!

1. The set up.

When you are setting up your profile, don’t invite people to follow until you have finished filling in your profile and have added a few pics, vids and posts so that it’s interesting when people come on to have a look, making them much more likely to stick around.

2. Your profile pic.

Use your main headshot as your profile pic, and the same one across all platforms, your CV, casting sites, showreel and anywhere else.

3. Your cover photo (or banner).

Use an eye catching action shot and include text with Actor, your name, your location and contact details. Also include any award laurels and logos of well known publishications, TV shows, radio stations etc where you have been featured.

4. Your bio.

Keep your bio on social media short and to the point. Show personality and for social media, write in 1st person. Include actor, your name, your location, contact and also add any major credits and awards.

  • When posting
  • Do… Keep it friendly and social (the clue is in the name- not too business like and promotional).
  • Do… Interact with everyone who has engaged with you (whether their engagement was positive and negative).
  • Do… Use the block button for trolls.
  • Do… Have a good mix of acting related (around 80%) and other interesting posts (around 20%).
  • Do… Post regularly (I would recommend 1-3 posts throughout the day).
  • Do… Get into the habit of scheduling posts to make sure you remain consistent, even at busy times.

What to post:

1. Professional photos.
2. Selfies- yes, it’s fine to post the occasional selfie too!
3. Post updates on what you are up to in your acting career.
4. Post about other things that you are passionate about.
5. Include quotes by you on to your pics (I would recommend for this).
6. Good quality vids of you in action.
7. Your showreel.
8. Live streams where you are talking about something interesting or offering advice.
9. Live streams challenging yourself e.g.. An improv game where your followers get to give you instructions on what they want you to play.
10. Keep it real with honest posts about your past experiences, your aspirations and who you really are when you’re not on screen/stage.
11. Share your work.
12. Share booking/purchase info for your projects when they are released.
13. Post about the projects you are involved in (as long as it’s allowed by the production company- check before posting, even if there’s no NDA).
14. An occasional personal post to give people a glimpse into your real life.
15. Share your interesting and informative posts in acting/film making groups on Facebook (check group rules before posting).
16. A good variety of posts.
17. Voicing strong opinions in a way that is positive and helpful to others.
18. Things that reflect your personal brand.
19. Testimonials/feedback from people you have worked with.
20. Reviews on your work.
21. Ask your audience a question.
22. Offer advice to other actors.

What not to post:

1. A rant about how unfair the industry is.
2. Anything insulting to your fellow actors and other industry professionals.
3. Negative updates.
4. Posts about how you are struggling to book work.
5. Check out my page/IMDB/website etc (this approach comes across as desperate. Give them a reason to want to visit your page/ IMDB/website etc).
6. Anything offensive (don’t forget that once it’s online, it’s very difficult to get it down again. Even if you delete the post, it’s likely that screenshots will have been taken).
7. Bad quality videos.
8. Any pics/vids that show you in a bad light.
9. Voicing strong opinions in a way that is argumentative and defensive.
10. Any sort of hate or judgement.
11. Getting involved with drama… Save it for the screen!
12. Things that are not in line with your personal brand.
13. Cryptic posts eg. I have some major news but I can’t tell you yet.
14. Derogatory comments about projects you have worked on.
15. Any info about projects you’ve been working on without permission.

How to connect with casting directors and other industry professionals:

1. Like or comment on posts.
2. Share posts.
3. Comment to thank them if they have recently called you in or helped you in any way.
4. Comment on posts where you have mutual interests.
5. Respond to casting calls following their instructions carefully.

How not to connect with casting directors and industry professionals:

1. Sending them PM’s, without building a connection beforehand, asking for help.
2. Moaning if you don’t get a response.
3. Ranting about not being cast.
4. Constantly interacting with the same ones (sometimes less is more- stay in their consciousness but don’t come across as desperate).


Step 1

Choose 1 platform, or additional program if you are already consistent with another. Set up your new profile following the above steps.

Step 2

Decide what you will post on what day for the next 7 days.

For example:
Mon- Good quality vid.
Tues- Post about recent project.
Wednesday- Live stream with impose challenge.
Thursday- Post about something I’m passionate abut along with a selfie.
Friday- Testimonial.
Saturday- Ask a question to my followers.
Sunday- offer advice to my fellow actors.

Step 2

Schedule your posts for the next 7 days.

Step 3

Decide how much time you can commit daily into looking after your social media and schedule that time in advance- then stick to it (it’s easy to get absorbed into social media and to lose track of time with can affect your productivity). This is the time you will spend responding to and interacting with your followers.

Post in the tribe group when you’re done!