Rachel Brownstein

It was reading Cary Elwes’ Princess Bride companion book, As You wish, that finally gave Rachel Brownstein the push needed to cast off Society’s musn’ts, shouldn’ts and can’ts, and she began her acting training in Leeds.

To date, she has parted criminals from their ill-gotten gains, led a team of fearless (and deeply flawed) vampire hunters, patiently counselled a bigot, reported on a zombie apocalypse, and been murdered by a psychotic janitor. She is currently preparing for two leading roles in upcoming feature films Patry of Valice and The Shadow Over Whitby.

Acting has led Rachel to discovering a fondness for controlled and precise violence, and she can often be found in the company of broadswords and/or assault rifles, many times whilst sporting the hard-won bruises of Krav Maga training.

When she’s not wrangling bad guys, eating brains, or laying waste to creatures of the night, Rachel enjoys watching film and TV, reading, video games, and making jewellery from items that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.