Online Acting for Film and Television certification program


Do you want to earn money by doing something you are insanely passionate about?

Is it something you’ve always thought about but for one reason or another, you didn’t take action?

Do you wonder what your life would be like now if only you had taken a chance and gone to drama school?

Of course, you can talk yourself out of it easily enough. You don’t have the time, you can’t afford it, you’re too old to start now and you have kids to think about.

But you and I both know that deep down, you know you were born to be an actor. The only thing holding you back is YOU and your fears and uncertainties.

But you already know that. Now, you’re ready to step up and do the work. To take responsibility for your future and commit to making this happen.

You don’t want to waste any more time thinking about it. It’s time to take action. You’ve got the drive, the determination and a kick ass attitude.

Our qualified and experienced coaches can give you all the training, guidance and support you need to launch yourself into the industry like a silver bullet!

You will learn

Screen Technique – If you want to act on film and TV, excellent screen technique is a must. Learn all you need to know to ooze with confidence in front of the camera!

Audition Technique – Develop and practice all the skills you need to be able to walk out of every audition confident you did your best every time.

Improvisation – Learn to work in the moment, improve listening skills, think on your feet, develop listening skills, improve auditions and get out of sticky situations in scenes with confidence. The benefits of improvisation are endless!

Various Acting Techniques – You are unique. You need to find what works for you… Here, you will experiment and try new techniques until you find what works for you for you to deliver your best work every time.

Acting for Different Genres – Acting technique needs to adjust depending on the genre of the piece. You will be coached through the subtle differences in technique for comedy, drama, horror, sci fi, soaps and more!

The Successful Actor’s Mindset – We strongly believe that having the correct mindset is of utmost importance to sustain a career as an actor. Do you limit yourself with a fixed mindset or are you ready to develop a growth mindset which will help you face each challenge with confidence?

Business Skills – Acting is a business and you are the product. Give yourself the best chances possible by learning everything you need to know about the business side of your career- CV’s, showreels, websites, how to approach agents and casting directors, branding, marketing, networking and so much more!


Through audios, videos, live calls and worksheets and you will submit your work via self tape with some written work.

After successful completion of the 1 year program, you will be eligible to take your assessment and receive certification in Acting for Film and Television by Northern Star Acting.

There’s More!

You also get access to other programs including:

The Acting Biz – a 28 day intensive that takes you step by step through the business side of acting

Building a character – a 14 step process digging deep into character building

Mindset – an ongoing program designed to help you with developing the mindset you need to succeed

Badass Warriors Fitness – a series of workouts and advice designed to get you as fit and healthy as can be for your roles.

This is for you if…

You want to do something that will make a huge difference to your life.

You are a badass new actor with drive and determination, but you’re at a stage in your life where full time drama school just isn’t an option.

You get bored easily and crave a new challenge.

You want an in depth course that has been devised by a team of qualified and experienced acting coaches.

You may have made mistakes, have had hard times and knock backs but you have picked yourself back up and carried on.

You are a creative who oozes passion and positivity, and believes that you are meant to be more than just ordinary.

You’re not afraid to dream big and of working hard to get it.

You are ready to take action and take responsibility for your own life.

You have integrity and want to be part of a tribe of actors. You want to be part of a team, who help to build each other up and understand that you don’t have to c**p on everyone else to get to the top.

You are a little bit crazy and wonderfully unique. You don’t want to fit in a box.

You hate housework. And chit chat. You don’t want to know what the weather’s like, you want to know people’s hopes, dreams, fears, failures and life changing experiences.

You don’t sit around making excuses, because you realise that to be more than ordinary, you need to do things the ordinary don’t do.

You weren’t born to be ordinary, you were born to shine!

Now it’s time to TAKE ACTION

Membership to the Pro Tribe is £60 a month. It’s time to step up and take action. It’s time for you to launch yourself into the acting world like a silver bullet, and we will be with you every step of the way. You’ve thought about making this happen for long enough. You’ve dreamt about earning a living from your true passion.