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The Mind Blowing Confidence System For Actors

How would it feel to be full of confidence and to believe in yourself as an actor?

What impact would it have on your acting career?

What if you were able to achieve a crystal clear vision of where you are heading, and were able to keep moving forwards through every knock back, criticism and doubt with the self belief needed to find and to grab those opportunities that are out there?

I let lack of confidence and self belief hold me back for years.

I was scared of failing, of criticism, of not being good enough and of getting my hopes up only to come crashing back down again.

Using the techniques in this system, I got over it.

My confidence and self belief grew on a massive scale and that's why I want to help you to overcome those barriers and to kick ass in the acting world.

You weren't born to fade into the background.

You weren't born for a life full of insecurity and doubt.

You weren't born to second guess yourself and your choices every single day.

You weren't born to be ordinary.


This powerful 5 day system includes

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Eirian Cohen is the founder of Northern Star Acting and co-producer of ESG Media LTD. Credits include the multiple award winning Talk of the Dead, and Inside Fear, which is due for release later this year, among other internationally released movies and TV shows.

Being hugely passionate about acting and believing her true path in life is to inspire and motivate others on their road to success, Northern Star Acting was born in 2015. This academy was founded with the vision to offer new actors more than just an acting class – to welcome them into a tribe of actors and coach them to develop, not only their acting skills but the business skills and mindset needed to make it in the industry.

The most important thing to understand about confidence is that it comes from YOU.

The 5 Day System Explained

The 5 Day Acting System is perfect for aspiring actors who want to reach their full potential. If you've been struggling with your inner confidence, it'll be really holding you back in your acting career but the good news is that this program was designed for people just like you. It worked for me and it'll work for you too!

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First get rid of the clutter from your mind. The mind blowing confidence audio will help with this.

What people have been saying

"From starting as a beginner, I now have 5 short film credits, 2 of which are on the IMDb, as well as filming my own short film and a feature film planned for next year."- Chris Dudley.

"What a fantastic journey so far! The low confidence I had is now growing constructively every day.  I feel extremely lucky and humbled to be a badass actor with Northern Star Acting Tribe!"- Lisa Redman.