Make Money as an Actor!

It’s a sad fact that many people go into acting full of passion and motivation but then get worn down very quickly when they struggle to sustain a living as an actor. Most actors want to drop the day job and throw themselves into acting in the hope that given the extra time they have, that they will be able to make up the lost income through booking more acting work. But here’s the thing, they fail to plan. What happens next is that instead of flourishing, their acting career actually takes a downward turn.

They rely on other people to give them work and without a clear plan, they do not book as much as they had hoped. Their income takes a nose dive and they get stressed. Due to this, it’s easy for them to get into a negative mindset and are unable to think clearly or see the opportunities that are out there. Soon after, they are unable to make their acting classes or travel to auditions. They are stuck not being able to develop and not being able to book work due to not having the funds to travel.

But with a plan of action in place, one that is achievable where you are not solely relying on other people on booking you for your income, it is possible for you to have money and be a full time actor. Having said this, if you do have a day job that you are happy in and where they are flexible with you having time off for auditions and acting work, and you can still fit in enough time to work on your acting biz, then I would suggest you stay there. Having an alternate source of income does not make you any less of a professional!

Another thing to bear in mind is the stories you are telling yourself. If you are calling yourself a skint actor and telling yourself that you can’t make money as an actor, then that is the reality you will create. If you have negative thoughts around money eg. Everyone with money is corrupt, money turns people evil etc you will subconsciously push it away (why would you attract something you feel negative about).

If either of these are true for you, catch these thoughts and turn them around into positives eg. I am a wealthy actor, I can easily earn money through acting. You might feel a bit silly at first but soon, the message will be drilled into your subconscious and you will naturally change your actions to be able to attract more money, and spot more opportunities. Don’t underestimate the power self talk has on you!

One more point… Value yourself and what your time is worth. If you are in the beginning stages and you want to work for free, that’s OK as long as it will be more beneficial to you than the time it’ll take out of your biz, but there has to be a time where enough is enough. Make a commitment to yourself about whether you are prepared to work for free and for how long/until you have how many credits and then stick to your plan. Exposure does not pay the bills.

And now… On with your challenge!

Money Challenge!

  • What is your income for your big vision? (Far into the future)
  • What is your income goal for 12 months time?
  • What is your income goal for the next 3 months?
  • What is your income goal for the next month?

Brainstorm way of making money through acting or with alternative sources that will work well alongside acting. Think about your skill sets and other things that are connected that could bring in some cash.

Here are some examples:

  • Put on your own show (shows aimed at kids tend to do particularly well)
  • Put on a show aimed at adults to promote to companies for team building events etc
  • Put on a talent show
  • Entertain at kids parties
  • Entertain at care homes
  • Extra work (yes it is fine to do extra work- just don’t add it to your acting CV!)
  • Promo work
  • Secret shopper
  • Teaching assistant
  • Voiceover work
  • Offer voiceover or vid series on

To reach your targets:

  • What do you need to believe?
  • Who do you need to be?
  • What do you need to let go of?
  • Where do you need support?
  • What is your action plan to reach these goals?
  • Write a basic plan for the next 12 months and a more detailed one for the next month.
  • Share your plans in the tribe group!