Whether you want to become an actor, want to build confidence, make new friends or have fun, you will hugely benefit from being part of our tribe!

Entry is by audition only as places are very limited.

No experience is needed, or previous training required but you must have a great attitude, determination and the drive to succeed.

Please fill in the application form and we will be in touch to arrange an audition if we feel you would be a good fit for the Northern Star Acting for Film and Television Certification program.

Please note that there are fees if you are accepted on the course- if you would like further details, please contact us on

Our kids and teens, monsters, audition is for ages 10-17, and is for those with little or no acting experience.

Our advanced teens class is for 13-17 year olds who have already had previous acting training/experience, who are certain that they want to take they acting to a professional level and who are willing to do the work to make that happen.

Please note that ages are a guide only- actual ages of those participating may vary, as we go by level and maturity, over age.

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As a parent, I know that you want your teen to be as HAPPY and as CONFIDENT as can be!

Does your teen want to be on TV?

Do they want to have fun, make new friends and build confidence?


Did you know that acting classes can have a huge impact on teenager’s lives?

Acting will help teens gain the strength they need to cope with the stresses and challenges of teenage life.

As their confidence builds you’ll see that their school work and other activities will improve,they will make friends easier and will generally be happier.

They will be encouraged to expand their creativity, leading to improved mental health, better relationships and stronger coping mechanisms.

They will be more able to express their emotions.

They will gain social and communication skills that will very highly benefit them in the future in all aspects of their lives.

They will learn to listen fully, to speak clearly and with confidence, they will become aware of their body language and will learn to think quickly- just imagine the impact this will have on future interviews, meetings, jobs, relationships, talking in front of groups… The list is endless!

Through seeing the world from somebody else’s eyes they develop empathy and compassion.

Acting requires a lot of reading, including cold reading (reading out loud with no preparation while staying in character) which means their reading skills will flourish!

Focus and concentration will be developed which will translate into their school work and other activities.

Their memories will constantly be challenged in an acting class bringing big improvements in memory.

We’ve also had teenagers who have been bullied in the past and others who have been struggling with other issues and they have completely transformed their lives since starting their Northern Star Acting classes.

We are so proud of every single one!



Well, I have good news for you. We are holding auditions now for a place on our course.

Book Your Audition Now

Entry to our acting for film and television course is by a fun, group audition. No previous experience required, just a great attitude, the ability to focus and potential to develop their skills.

awesome course

The awesome action packed course that was created by our team of qualified and experienced acting coaches includes class work, audition style assessments and starring in films that are then sent to festivals and TV channels.  Some of our films have already been shown on TV!


We are so confident that your teen will benefit tremendously from joining us that if after the first term, you haven’t seen an improvement, they will receive the next term absolutely FREE!

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