Entry is by audition only as places are very limited.

No experience is needed, or previous training required but you must have a great attitude, determination and the drive to succeed.

Please fill in the application form and we will be in touch to arrange an audition if we feel you would be a good fit for the Northern Star Acting for Film and Television Certification program.

Please note that there are fees if you are accepted on the course- if you would like further details, please contact us on

Please note that ages are a guide only – actual ages of those participating may vary, as we go by level and maturity, over age.

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Your little monster will love to be part of our cool tribe where their imaginations can run wild!

As parents, we all want our kids to be as HAPPY and CONFIDENT as they can possibly be. Right?

Does your child have an active imagination?

Do they love being in the spotlight?

Do they want to be on TV?

If you answered yes to any of the above, Northern Star Acting could be exactly what they need to help them reach their full potential in a nurturing environment where they will make lots of new friends and have FUN!

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You know when your little one is at home, and the things that come out of their mouths full you with wonder…

How on earth did they think of that?

Where did that imagination come from?

What is a spinkledinkle and why is poo so hilarious?

Sometimes they shock you. Sometimes you shake your head in disbelief. One thing is for sure… They make you laugh every day with their random statements, 50 billion questions and endless enthusiasm.

What if that energy, crazy passion and creative mind was channelled into something fun and productive that could help shape their future in the most awesome way?

They need to join our little monsters!

Maybe you see this side to them but they are shy and lacking in confidence in front of others?

They need to join our little monsters!

Where could this lead?!

This could be the place that they can thrive and fully express themselves!

Our coaches are qualified, experienced and we love working with kids and seeing them become more confident, self assured and happier.

We love their HONESTY, their FEARLESSNESS, their ENERGY, their ENTHUSIASM and their amazing CREATIVITY.

We specialise in acting for film and television and have an agency attached that they can join when they’re ready, to be put forward for roles on film and television.

The lesson plans are carefully devised by a team of qualified and experienced coaches to be fun, progressive and challenging.

They work towards certification where they are graded on their work in class, in an audition style exam and in their practical module they will make a film that will later be sent off to TV networks (the last ones were accepted by Latest TV) and screened at our glitzy awards ceremony where they will get the red carpet experience!

Entry to our acting for film and television course is by a fun, group audition. No previous experience required, just a great attitude, the ability to focus and potential to develop their skills.

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You were not born to be ordinary… You were born to shine!

Audition Times


10am – 11am

Full location of classes will be sent on application.