Jamie Kooij

Born in a very small town in Holland, Jamie decided she wanted to open her own dance classes at the age of 14 and she did. Quite the entrepreneur. Dancing was everything to her, so when she got accepted at the Amsterdam School of the Arts it was a dream coming true, but for some reason something was missing. During her first year she got injured and her dream got shattered. When people had mentioned to do something with acting, she didn’t want to listen to it at first, but when she decided to take on a first acting course at the age of 19 everything fell into place.

She started taking weekly lessons at ‘Le Pavegnon’ (Education for Television and Theatre), where she got through all levels in 2 years.After a year of classes she decided to audition for something. So when she got invited to her first audition (for a Dutch feature film – ‘Scars’/‘Littekens’), she didn’t expect anything from it and just wanted to have fun which resulted in her getting the part.

Featuring one of the lead roles really was the turning point for her and she KNEW acting was her way forward. ‘Scars’ also got nominated the CIFF DC Independent Film Festival (Washington), the Dutch Days film festival (Hongkong) and winner 2015 of West Virginia Film Festival.

She went to London for an acting summerschool at Mountview and after that experience decided to audition for drama school in the UK. ALRA looked liked the right course for her and when she auditioned in London she got offered a place on the three year course, which she did for the three years in Wigan.

Now she has moved to London where she has done a lot of networking over the last couple of months. Meeting amazing directors and producers! She has been in an immersive theatre experience for Easyjet, on Japanese Television, in a Short Film ‘Prawn’ and a Commercial for the Corinthia Hotel.