Get More Views on Your Showreels and Films- Guest Post by Ross Lindgren.

The 3 Dumb Things you’re doing that stop your work being seen on Facebook (and how to fix them).

There’s a secret reason why no one ever sees the link you post and it’s not what you think.

I have a sure fire way for you to actually get your links seen AND prevent people thinking you’re a twat in the process?

Are you constantly spamming your work to Facebook groups and walls and wondering why your careers going nowhere?

No one ever likes your work that you post.

You always message people asking them to share your crowdfunding page.

Maybe they do, but then nothing happens.


I personally despise people who spam walls with showreel links.

But the reason I hate it isn’t just because I despise self promotion.

I actually love self promotion. (Unless it’s lazy)

What I hate is posts that never get likes.

And the man to blame is Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, ya know, the guy who made this site you spend all day on.

He made this cool site called Facebook and he wants you to spend a lot of time here.

He runs the show so if you do something he doesn’t like, it’s no surprise that you might get punished for it.

Well your showreel, crowdfunding video and short film are most likely hosted on Youtube, Vimeo or some other video site.

These are owned by other people i.e. not Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark doesn’t like this.

Not just because he thinks his site is the best.

But because if you go to Youtube you’ll probably see some ads for other cool videos and go watch them.

Now you’re on Youtube and Youtube are getting that sweet Ad revenue.

This means Facebook, and thus Mark, is not getting that ad revenue.

So this pisses Mark off.

He doesn’t want you to do this.

So Mark decided that when you post a link directing people to another website, you get punished.

Punishment comes in the form of that post not being shown to many people.

This is called the Facebook algorithm and overtime you post you will get a score.

That score determines how ‘good’ your post is in the eyes of Lord Zuckerberg and thus how many people it will be shown to.

So next time you post a crappy youtube link with no description, don’t be surprised when you only get 4 likes.

Now this is the film industry, so I’m sure your first response to that is to complain, say things aren’t fair and re post another Jeremy Corbyn speech/ New Yorker Article about how privacy is dead.

Well when you’re done sulking try doing a couple of these hacks which will allow you to game the Facebook algorithm and ACTUALLY get your shit seen once again.

1. Upload a hard copy of the original videos.

You’ll be stunned how many more views you get when you upload the whole MP4 to Facebook rather than the Youtube link.

I’m talking a 1000% increase in reach.

I used to get 50 views on my Youtube content.

I once tried hard uploading a comedy sketch I did.



Posted on my wall and a couple group pages.

Lord Zuckerberg likes videos. He doesn’t like Youtube.

2. If you MUST post links, do it in the comments.

I only learned this recently and this may get cracked down on in future.


If you literally have to post a link, make an initial post that’s text only and then say the link is in the comments.

Comment the link immediately on your post.

This will trick the algorithm into posting your original post at a normal score, inadvertently delivering the link contained below to a much wider audience.

3. Line up your shares and likes in the first 10 minutes.

Facebook algorithms take a lot into account.

One of the things is initial impact.

If it pops off in the first 10 minutes, the algorithm thinks this has viral potential and will keep showing it to people.

This is how those annoying pictures of people’s babies end up getting a million views, because people liked on first impression.

So if you have friends in industry, supporters or just people who are willing to help.

Don’t bother wasting a favour getting them to share.

Get all your ducks in a row, then do a new post and have them promise to all like, comment and share within the first 10 minute window.

If you can get a couple dozen people all share, like and comment positively on your short film in the space of 10 minutes, Facebook will do the work for the following 7 days.


Guest post by Ross Lindgren

Ross is the founder of Six Figure Filmmakers, an exclusive members club for filmmakers to learn everything about business. As a producer with a business background, in 2017 Ross was able to take his niche production company Uni Shoots from 0 to £100k in revenue and 2 full time staff. His private group is where he breaks down how he gets clients and how you can do the same.