I can’t make my regular class. Can I attend a different one this week?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to try different groups. We request that you fill in the class cancellation form located on the website and in the pinned post of the tribe groups to let the coaches know which class you will be attending for them to prepare.

Do I need to let you know if I can’t make class?

We request that you fill in the class cancellation form located on the website and in the pinned post of the tribe groups to let the coaches know which class you will be attending for them to prepare.

How can I catch up?

Keep an eye out in the tribe group for the catch up audios/vids to ensure you don’t miss any content. Please note that you will only be able to take assessments if your attendance is high- if you missed class but submitted your work via the catch up, that still counts as ATTENDED. To practice your scripts/improv with other actors, you may join in on our virtual classes (see tribe group for details of the next one).

I have a friend who wants to join.

Great! Please send us their contact details and we will contact them. Thank you so much for the recommendation. If they join, we’ll give you a choice of a hoodie, a t.shirt or a 1:1 coaching session!

Why are some people progressing faster than me?

You will get out what you put in. There is work that you can be doing with our support every single day- if you only come to class and forget about it for the rest of the week, you will not progress as quick. If you feel others are getting more help than you, it may be that they are on a different membership that includes more- if you would like to talk about upgrading, please e-mail

I feel like I need more of a challenge.

Great, you may be ready for the mastermind program. Please e-mail for more information.


I can’t log in.

Please e-mail and we will help you find the problem.

I’m lost with where to go on the site.

The best place to start, is by making your way through The Launchpad program which will guide you through everything you need to know to launch your acting career in a way that is easy to follow.

What do I do with my tasks from the online program?

Please post in the group with #yourname #title or if you don’t feel comfortable, e-mail it to


I sent a message over social media but didn’t get a reply.

We ask that you please e-mail through the correct channels, or use the groups for support or if you have any questions. Due to volume we are unable to guarantee a response over PM.

I’ve been trying to call but couldn’t get through.

Please check you have the correct phone number 0330 838 2559. This number is manned 24/7, but we have recently changed our number. If you can’t get through, the likelihood is that you are using the old number.

I’ve e-mailed and didn’t get a reply.

We aim to respond to all e-mails within 48 hours Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). Any e-mails sent on a weekend will be responded to on the Monday. We do respond to every single e-mail from the tribe, if you haven’t received a reply, please can you send again as it’s likely it was not received.

How can I contact a specific person?

If you have a question that only a specific person can answer, please use the group or if personal, e-mail using the subject line FAO (the person you would like your question to be directed to). Please do not contact acting coaches directly outside of class.

I am struggling. What can I do?

You can post in the group for support from the tribe- we do however ask that if you post in the group, you follow the following formula:

1. What is the problem?

2. What are the positives you can take away from it?

3. What change in actions are you going to make as a result?

The reason for this is because:

A. We want the energy in the group to remain high. We aim for everybody who enters the group to feel lifted, motivated and inspired.

B. We want you to get into the habit of trying to work things out on your own first, to build your confidence and to help you to become empowered.

With anything personal, or anything that involves another tribe member please contact support@northernstaracting.


Why do we all have to be on the Stripe system?

This is due to a large number of overdue and non payments costing us a lot of time that could be used producing valuable content for you, and money which could be used to produce more films.

Can I pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer?

No, we only take payments over Stripe. If you owe back payments, please contact to arrange payment.

I’m having trouble paying.

E-mail to discuss your options. If you owe money, you will not be permitted to attend classes until you are up to date.

My payments weren’t taken but I have money in my account!

Please remember that payments go from your card not directly from your account. If you have money in your account and it hasn’t been taken, please check that your card is still in date and remember to inform us if you need to change your card at any point.

Two payments were taken this week!

If you have insufficient funds when your payment is due, our system will automatically keep trying until there are funds available. This means that if you were owing from a previous payment, two payments may well be taken close together.

How can I cancel?

If you would like to cancel your membership, please e-mail with 4 weeks notice.

Please note, that if you leave and then come back, you will be on the new membership which may include a price change and joining fee. You will also need to re-apply for entry.

I’m not going to be able to make classes for a while. Can I put my membership on hold?

No, we do not put memberships on hold but don’t worry- you can still take the time off you need you’ll be able to catch up with everything you have missed, in your own time when you come back. You will not need to miss any content as we have so many options for you to catch up.

I only came to x classes last month, but I’ve still been charged for the full month.

There are no refunds for missed classes- please see agreement.



How can I get on the agency?

We are in association with Clic agency. Clic is run by Helen Pritchard who, in her 20+ years of experience as an agent, has a wealth of knowledge and lots of contacts in the industry.

To join the agency and go forward for professional work, you must:

  • Have good quality professional headshots.
  • Be on Spotlight.

We recommend that you also have a showreel, to hugely increase your chances of being called for auditions.

To apply, e-mail and include the following;

  1. Who you are.
  2. That you are from NSA.
  3. That you would like to apply for the agency.
  4. What credits/experience you have.
  5. Your Spotlight link.
  6. Inclusion of headshots and showreel (if you have one).
  7. A self tape of your chosen monologue, uploaded to You Tube with an unlisted link.

If your application is not accepted the first time, contact us for advice on what you need to work on, and then try again.

Should I still be applying for my own roles?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Apply for all suitable roles that you have access to. don’t worry about double submissions as the roles we get in are different to the ones you are able to apply for yourself.

I’m not getting much work.

Being on the agency does not mean you will suddenly receive offers. Please remember that you are new actors going for the same roles as established and even named actors.

To maximise your chances:

Check your marketing materials are up to date and professional. We can submit you for roles but it’s your responsibility to make sure that you are seen in the best possible light.

If you don’t have a showreel, it will be harder for you to be seen. We would strongly advise you invest in a showreel and high quality marketing materials. E-mail if you would like information on what we offer in the way of marketing materials.

Parents of Child Actors

I don’t know anything about the industry.

Work your way through the Monsters Launchpad program along with your child, and this will take you step by step through everything you need to know.

What about school if they are booked for a role?

As long as the school agrees (and they normally do unless attendance is poor) the production company will be able to apply for a child licence which will grant them permission to take time of school to work.

How do I get a child license?

Licenses are now only granted on a ‘per job’ basis. If they are offered a role which requires licensing, we will arrange this on your behalf. We do ask that you are prompt with responses to any questions we may have as more often than not, it’s a race against time to get the license ready and a delay of one day could be the difference between it being granted and not.

How can I best support them?

Allow them freedom and independence to make they own choices and to take responsibility for their own careers as soon as they are mature enough- but please monitor everything they do until they are 18 years old for safety reasons.

Let them know that you believe in them and don’t lose faith if things don’t happen as quick as you would like, or if they don’t pick things up as fast as you think they should. Allow them to develop at their own pace.

Encourage them to practice regularly. You can even read in for the other characters!

Talk to them about their future and what they want out of acting.

Motivate them and encourage them on days where they don’t feel like it. Becoming a professional actor takes dedication and commitment.

Let them know that knock backs don’t matter, that they are all part of the process and celebrate every small win.

Go through the online content with them and take an interest in what they are working on.

I’ve been contacted about a role. Should I accept?

It depends on the role, the details and the production company. Always do your research on the company, always ask to see the script in advance, always make sure all details are clear and trust your instinct. Please feel free to send anything you are not sure of to for advice.

What can I get involved in outside of regular classes?

Keep an eye out for details of any filming we do- castings for our professional films first go out in the tribe group.

There are always project going on within the tribe too with our actors collaborating to create their own work. I advise you post in the group to see if there’s anything you can get involved in.

There are also regular workshops with casting directors and established actors, and Actor’s Bootcamps in Portugal and Hollywood. If you would like further information on either of those, please e-mail