Eirian Cohen

Eirian Cohen is an actress, writer, co-producer for ESG Media and founder of Northern Star Acting. Her credits include lead roles in psychological thriller Inside Fear and comedy horror There’s No Such Thing as Zombies amongst other internationally released movies.

Her producing credits with ESG Media LTD include Undercover, Vegas Dirt and Allotment Life (Latest TV and Essex TV) amongst others that are due for release in 2016.

Being hugely passionate about acting and believing her true path in life is to inspire and motivate others on their road to success, Northern Star Acting was born in 2015. This academy was founded with the vision to offer new actors more than just an acting class – to welcome them into a tribe of actors and coach them to develop, not only their acting skills but the business skills and mind set needed to make it in the industry.

Believing that how our future is shaped, greatly depends on experiences we have when we are young, and knowing first-hand how acting can have a huge impact on confidence and self esteem, Eirian set up a charitable association with the help of volunteers from the local community, to run alongside the academy with a vision to take a stand against bullying with their campaign, Acting Against Bullying.

Having performed all her life, Eirian’s own journey began when she was accepted into SLP in Leeds, Yorkshire in 1997 where she trained for 3 years. In addition to SLP, she trained in Lee Strasberg’s method with Standby Method Acting Studio’s Acting coach, Louise O’Leary.

A trained kickboxer and trained in stage and screen combat, Eirian is very physically fit and is a member of the Storm Fight Team. Having worked as a professional dancer/choreographer for years, she is highly skilled at many different forms of dance including Burlesue, commercial and hip hop.

Eirian is a keen writer who regularly writes articles, blogs and screenplays including Inside Fear (co-written with John Fletcher). She is the author of 3 books on acting and a novel (released 2016).

Aside from creating and performing, Eirian has two daughters and many rescued animals. She is passionate about helping to make the world a better place by living as ethically as possible and supporting freedom and equality for all, humans and animals.