The Actor’s Bio


Spotlight is a directory of actors and for many casting directors, if you’re not on Spotlight you don’t exist.  Most agents will not accept you unless you are on there, this is the way most of them will put you forward for roles- they can put you forward privately, but as Spotlight is quicker and easier for both agent and casting director, it’s much harder to get you seen.  Remember, there is no shortage of actors who are on there.  The only actors who do well despite not having Spotlight are the ones who are so well established that they have built their own contacts or who create their own work.

You do need professional experience before you are accepted onto Spotlight (a minimum of 4 credits) and they do not accept music videos or commercials.


Casting Networks

It’s free to set up a profile on Casting Networks and I would recommend you all do this as you’ll be searchable.  Your agent can submit you for roles even with a free profile (if you don’t have an agent, you’ll need to upgrade to be apply to submit yourself).  They do charge extra for certain things such as adding more photos, media etc.


Casting Call Pro

It’s free to set up a profile which means you are searchable and to apply for unpaid work but you’ll need a paid profile to apply for roles (the same rule applies for your agent- they can only submit you for paid work if you have upgraded).  I do recommend you all set up a profile on Casting Call Pro and then decide for yourselves if you would like to upgrade.

Star Now

It’s free to set up a profile on Star Now with allows you to be searchable and to apply for unpaid work.  There’s a small monthly fee to be able to apply for paid work.  There is set up for agents on Star Now.  I would recommend you set up a free profile and then decide if you’d like to upgrade your account.


Backstage are very well recognised in the US and are fairly new in the UK. It costs around £15 per month but I have some great news for you…

We have made an agreement with Backstage for you to get a free 12 month subscription so that you can access and apply for their paid work. After the 12 months, it’ll be up to you to if you want to carry on.

Here is your link to get 12 month’s free membership with Backstage!

Follow this link to register:

The code is NSAUK

Setting Up Your Profile To Get You Noticed!

It is so important that your profiles are showing you in a good light. This could be the difference between you landing your dream role or not! Here are some guidelines to follow to give yourself the best possible chances.

  • Use the same main headshot for every one.
  • Include additional headshots, full body shots and action shots showing different looks.
  • Include your bio in the ‘about’ section.
  • Include your showreel and any other good quality videos/audios.
  • Fill in your profiles fully!
  • Update your profiles regularly.


1.Review all of your casting sites and set up any of the above that you don’t have. If you do not have the required credits for Spotlight yet, cone up with an action plan.

2. Post links to all of your profiles in the tribe group for feedback.

This week’s challenge.

Make a scrapbook, or set u a file on your PC, for all of your positive reviews, feedback and comments to go. Keep adding to it as they come and look back on it every time you need to be reminded of just how awesome you really are!