To welcome you, here is a bonus training, designed to help you to be able to support your child in getting the most out of the Acting for Film & Television program and to increase your understanding of the industry and their chances of becoming a professional actor.

1. Talk to your child about exactly what it is that they want from the program and from their acting. 

Ask these simple questions:

  • What do you love about acting?
  • What is your favourite film/TV show?
  • If you were in it, who would you like to play?

2. If your child misses a class, they can catch up by attending an alternative class on a different day/time or venue (if you can’t find another option, let us know and we will help), you can help them in catching up online through the membership site using our short, fun videos for kids, or they can attend the kids virtual class (check the pinned post in the Young Actors Tribe group for details). Regardless of which way they catch up, you will be counted as having attended which will count towards your assessment grades. 

3. Dedicate time with your child, to be focusing on their acting. Make it a fun time where you can encourage them to perform for you and to show you what they’ve been learning in class. Practice their reading with them and encourage them to try different voices, accents and any new skills which may transfer into their acting- languages, playing an instrument and sports are all skills that are transferrable. Don’t try to coach your child, but use this time to bond and help build their confidence.

4. Take advantage of the online programs on the membership site. The Young Actors Launchpad, takes you and your child through everything you need to know to launch their acting career, in a way that is simple and easy to follow. We also do additional programs at various points throughout the year in accents, audition technique, cold reading, building characters and more.

5. Engage in the Young Actors Tribe group. We have noticed that the ones who are most active in the tribe group are the people who tend to excel. This is no surprise- by using the group more frequently you gain more support, your questions are answered much quicker and you, and your child will stay more motivated.

6. If you need help- ask! We are here for you. We want to help you- but if we don’t know you are struggling, we don’t know you need help. Never be afraid to ask a question or think that it’s a silly question, there is no such thing. You can guarantee that if there’s something you are wondering, others will be too, so by posting your question in the group, you will actually be helping others in the process. If there’s anything personal you need support with, you can contact Tribe Support on

7. Get involved! Encourage your child to turn up and fully participate in every class, to dive into any challenges we give them and into anything we do outside of class. Get to know your fellow tribe members, help and support them as they will do for you and don’t forget to enjoy this incredible journey that’s ahead for you and your child.

8. Reflect on each class/training. Ask them what went well, what they think they could have done better and how what they would do differently next time. Remain positive about their responses- this is not to criticise, it’s to help them to look back and to be able to learn and grow from each and every class.

9. Plan for your child’s success. How will they be able to keep on top of their training if you suddenly get busy with other things? How can you make sure you are able to keep on top of payments if your finances take a dip? How will you be able to get your child to auditions when the time comes? What if they begin to lose motivation?

10. Need underestimate your role in what your child will achieve. The words you use and how you react to them in regard to their acting will have a huge impact on how they feel about themselves now, and what they will carry on into adulthood. Our main focus is to create young actors who are independent, know their own minds and are confident and secure in themselves. Please work with us on this by always remaining positive towards your child’s abilities, and trusting us to give them the constrictive feedback they need to improve, but in a way that will actually increase their confidence and self belief.

I am very excited to be sharing this incredible journey with you and your child, and once again- welcome to the tribe!

You weren’t born to be ordinary… You were born to shine! 

Eirian and the Awesome Leaders! x