Badass Actor’s Launchpad Program

You have trained in acting and are ready to take that next step and turning it into a career.

You’ve worked on your skills and know that you have what it takes… If only it wasn’t so confusing!

The acting industry is like no other. How are you meant to know what to do to give yourself the best possible chances?

I hear you!

When I decided to become a professional actor, I was LOST. I took advice from the wrong people, was ripped off over and over and made so many mistakes that to this day I wonder how my career survived.

That’s why I have created The Actor’s Launchpad program. To be able to guide you through a simple, step by step process of the actions you need to be taking to smash your acting goals and the mindset needed to get there.

What is covered:

  • Your road map to success.
  • Creating your personal brand.
  • Your launch kit (includes training on headshots, showreels, websites, CV’s and more!)
  • Casting sites, directories and unions to and how make them work for you.
  • Agents.
  • Your strategy to book more paid work CONSISTENTLY!
  • Focus & productivity.
  • The successful actor’s mindset.

What you get:

  • A weekly group call where you will get the opportunity to ask questions and receive personal guidance.
  • Weekly training delivered via worksheets and video/audio which includes action taking challenges devised to get your career off to a flying start.
  • Support, feedback and motivation with anything to do with your acting career through our members only Facebook group.
  • To be welcomed into a tribe of supportive, encouraging actors.


This is only for those who will be 100% committed to completing the trainings and the all the challenges given in the Actor’s Launchpad Program to get the desired results.

The cost of The Actor’s Launchpad program including all of the above is £300 for the full 12 weeks BUT if you apply now, you will receive the early bird discount (available until April 25th 2017) and will only pay £250.

If you are ready to make that commitment into doing what it takes to make a career out of acting, apply here:

Badass Actor’s Launchpad Program

Online Membership Agreement