I saw this on the British Actor’s Networking group and it really made me smile.

I want to work with this actress and here’s why:

I’d know exactly who I was working with- she’s not afraid to show her personality.

She’s open, honest and straight to the point.

She doesn’t take herself and her career too seriously and comes across as being fun to work with.

Not taking it seriously?

But I thought we had to be super professional and take our acting seriously at all times?

You can still be professional and have fun with it- actors are not meant to be robots. We are creatives, we are unique, we are dreamers, we have our own opinions, thoughts, feelings, we decided we didn’t want to join in with the proper grown up stuff and have sensible jobs, we wanted to pretend to be other people, even though the pay is (mostly) crap, we don’t know what we’re doing from one day to the next and the bank manager laughs so hard he has fallen off his chair and has snot running out of his nose when we ask for a mortgage. Why?

Because it’s fun!

Not everyone will want to work with her, some may even strongly dislike how she comes across. You know what? That’s OK. Not everybody is going to like us and connect with who we are as people. I will tell you this however- this actress doesn’t struggle to book jobs.

By allowing your personality to show, you will attract the people who are on your wave length, who you get on with, who you WANT to work with.

The reasons people are cast are not based on talent alone.

You will be cast because of who YOU are, not just because of how well you can act.

Be yourself and stay awesome!

Eirian x

P.S. The actress, Helen Raw isn’t associated with Northern Star and hasn’t endorsed anything, she’s just kindly given me permission to share her site as an example. Then we talked about cats. I really like cats!

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