Our acting for film & television program is designed for you to:

Learn and develop in the skill of acting
To gain extensive knowledge about the industry
To develop the badass mindset needed to not only break into the industry, but to sustain a long lasting career in acting.


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“What have I achieved? I’VE ACHIEVED MY DREAM! I have found positivity in my life. I found happiness. I have been able to secure so many roles, I’m at the point of turning some down for the fact I’m ‘too busy’ I am now lead roles in multiple projects.” – Lee Ashley Preston, Leeds. 


Reach your full potential as a skilled actor for film and television.


Learn all you need to need to know about the industry and how to give yourself the best possible chances.


Strengthen your confidence, self belief and develop the badass mindset that you need to become a successful actor.

This is not just an acting class!

The truth is that if you are serious about making it as a professional actor, only doing a class a week will not cut it. Our tribe members can get rapid results because, not only do they work in class, they have extra trainings, challenges and constant support outside of class which allows them to put as much work in as they are able to – we’ve had people join us who are new to acting and have booked their first professional role within weeks.

Let's Get Real Here...

That is not to say it’s easy- it’s not. It takes a huge amount of dedication, hard work and resistance to be able to sustain a career in acting. If you are looking for an easy route to fame and fortune- you are in the wrong place! If however, you are looking for the tools, the knowledge and the support needed to create a long term acting career and are ready to put the work in, hit that button below and apply to join our tribe of actors who are consistently booking professional roles and becoming stronger, more confident and happier versions of themselves.


A rapid and effective way into the film and television industry.


Become an independent, empowered and confident actor.


Become part of a tribe of enthusiastic actors who will support and encourage you every step of the way


A part time program, delivered through weekly workshops in person and online, that can work around your current commitments including regular assessments and experience acting in films.


Inclusion into the Northern Star Acting agency when you are ready to go forward for professional work in films and on TV.


Constant support and advice from our highly qualified and supportive leaders.

Eirian Cohen, Founder

“I wanted to create more than just an acting class. I wanted to bring a tribe of aspiring actors together, to help and support each other as they make their way into this crazy and exciting industry and to provide them with all the training they need, to help them to become independent, confident and empowered actors.

Our system works and the proof is in the rapid progression of our tribe members who are regularly booking work on films, in TV series, commercials and more.”

What is included in the program?

  • 1 x 2 hour class per week on an ongoing basis (various locations/days available)
  • Full access to The Actor's Launchpad online program
  • 24/7 support and guidance through our online tribe group
  • Assessments once a year
  • Practical experience acting in films that are then sent off to festivals and TV networks
  • LAMDA examinations

What subjects are covered?

Screen Technique

If you want to act on film and TV, excellent screen technique is a must. Learn all you need to know to ooze with confidence in front of the camera!

Audition Technique

Develop and practice all the skills you need to be able to walk out of every audition confident you did your best every time.


Learn to work in the moment, improve listening skills, think on your feet, develop listening skills, improve auditions and get out of sticky situations in scenes with confidence. The benefits of improvisation are endless!

Various Acting Techniques

You are unique. You need to find what works for you… Here, you will experiment and try new techniques until you find what works for you for you to deliver your best work every time.

Different Genres

Acting technique needs to adjust depending on the genre of the piece. You will be coached through the subtle differences in technique for comedy, drama, horror, sci fi, soaps and more.

Actor’s Mindset

We strongly believe that having the correct mindset is of utmost importance to sustain a career as an actor. Do you limit yourself with a fixed mindset or are you ready to develop a growth mindset which will help you face each challenge with confidence?

Business Skills

Acting is a business and you are the product. Give yourself the best chances possible by learning everything you need to know about the business side of your career- CV’s, showreels, websites, how to approach agents and casting directors, branding, marketing, networking and so much more!

Small Investment

The investment for you to learn all you need to know to become a professional actor for film and TV, is just £25 a week!



“There can be no such thing as failure when burning desire and stubborn refusal to back down, overtakes logic or reason”

Take action now. Apply here!

You weren’t born to be ordinary. You were born to shine!

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